• Snap&Read Universal

Snap&Read reads accessible and inaccessible text aloud across Google Drive, email, websites, Kindle Cloud Reader, and PDFs. Features built-in study tools enable students to customize their reading environment and supports, such as the Dynamic Text Leveling feature. Dynamic Text Leveling allows students to adjust the text to their reading level without changing the meaning. Other study tools include text-to-speech, bibliographic, and translation. Snap&Read translates into over 100 languages and works offline.

Teachers can make data-driven decisions for academic intervention through the data collected by Snap&Read. Reading level and usage are measured. Snap&Read compiles and collects all of this data in a way that protects student privacy.

This product includes:

  • Snap&Read Universal

This product does not include:

  • iPad or iPad Case
  • The app will not be shipped without an iPad or iPad Case
  • If ordering more than one app for one iPad, please indicate that in the notes section of your order
  • PLEASE add an iPad and iPad Case to your order

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Snap&Read Universal