• Simply Science - Earth Vol. 1 (MAC/WIN)

Simply Science - Earth, Vol. 1, is a complete science unit on our planet. It includes lessons for grades K-8. It includes chapters on: Rocks, Soil, Water, Minerals, and Fossils. Featuring ready to print materials that   have been adapted with picture-assistance as well as pre-made PixWriter vocabulary setups.The literacy Support Pictures support reading and writing, and enhance comprehension of complex subjects. Each Chapter includes: Text lessons that have been written with cognitive limitation consideration and adaptedwith picture-assistance, quizzes, projects, experiments, and PixWriter word banks. The visual supportfor print makes leaning science concepts and vocabulary easier for students with identified special education needs, students struggling with reading, and students with low English proficiency. This program is both Windows and Mac compatible. You must first have PixWriter Ver. 2 higher.

This Product Includes:

  • Earth Vol. 1
  • User Manual

*This software comes pre-loaded on a laptop

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Simply Science - Earth Vol. 1 (MAC/WIN)