• Equals Math

The Equals curriculum provides a multi-sensory structure to engage a variety of learners. It also provides three levels of instruction and materials for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities in every lesson. Equals utilizes general education math methodologies including Concrete, Semi-concrete, and Abstract (CSA) instructional sequence. It is a K-12 curriculum aligned to State, Alternate, Common Core Standards, and Common Core Essential Elements.


This product includes:

  • AbleNet Calculator
  • AngLegs
  • Attribute Blocks
  • Balance Scale
  • Block Set
  • Butterfly Counters
  • Demonstration Thermometer
  • Fraction Stax
  • Food Model Set
  • Gel Board and Stylus
  • Insect Counters
  • J10 Math Line
  • Kickball Counters
  • Large Number Stamps
  • Large Ruler
  • Mini Flying Saucers
  • Mirror
  • Place Value Pocket Chart
  • Sea Live Counters
  • Sort Bowl
  • Student Thermometer
  • Counting Tray
  • Turtle Counters
  • All-Turn-It Spinner
  • LITTLE Step-by-Step
  • T31 MathLine
  • Demonstration Clock


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Equals Math

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