• Zoom-Ex

Zoom-Ex is an instant digital scanner and a lightning fast OCR with real time magnification. It allows you to convert any printed text into multiple accessible formats such as speech, large print, sound or text files, within seconds. Zoom-Ex is easy to use. The foldable stand holds a digital scanning camera that is always at the exact distance needed to create a clear image. Low-vision users can touch and feel the L-shaped edges of the stand to know exactly where to place the document to be read. Zoom-Ex may be purchased for use with a PC or Mac, and is now compatible with Kurweil 1000. (Requires a Desktop or Laptop computer for use.)

This Product Includes:

  • Zoom-Ex
  • Zoom Office CD
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Nylon Carry Pouch
  • Training Guide and User Manual (Mac OS X)

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