• TrackerPro 2.0

The TrackerPro 2.0 is a hands-free mouse that translates your movements into direct movements of the computer’s mouse cursor. The Tracker Pro 2.0 is plug and play and uses the standard mouse drivers that are already installed in your device (MAC, Windows, iPad OS 13, and Google Chrome).  A reflective dot is placed on the user and the TrackerPro tracks its movement. This device is switch accessible, but does not include any switches. Please add 1 or 2 switches to your order if you require them.

This Product includes:

  • TrackerPro w/ attached cable (USB Type A connector)
  • Table Top Mounting bracket
  • 2-M USB Type A Extension Cable
  • Dual Lock and Monitor Mounting Bracket
  • Two 3.5 mm / ⅛-in TS Switch Jacks
  • Reflective Dots
  • Quick Start Guide

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TrackerPro 2.0