• E-O-L Smart/128

The Smart/128 communicator is a multi-level communication device, with visual scene capabilities and interchangeable keyguards. The Smart/128 communicator features a transparent top grid that can be removed. With the grid, the Smart/128 is a standard static 128 location AAC device. Without the grid, the Smart/128 can be used as a pictorial visual scene communication device. Smart Series features Smart Overlay Recognition System, Interchangeable FLASH memory card, and a carrying handle.  Record and Playback 768 Messages across 6 Levels of Communication. The Smart/128 communicator features Variable Message Lengths can be set up with Variable Message Cell Sizes. 

This Product Includes: 

  • Smart/128 Device 
  • Operating Instructions 
  • Helpful Information Folder 
  • Carrying Bag 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Hole Punch 
  • Overlay Designer Pro 
  • Keyguards 
  • Sample Templates 

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E-O-L Smart/128

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