• E-O-L Personal FM System Ear-Level with Team Teaching Set

The Personal FM Ear-Level with Team Teaching Set is recommended for students who have a hearing loss, have personal amplification that is compatible with the R2 Receivers, and need Personal FM.  The teacher wears a transmitter (T31) with a microphone (lapel or boom) and the student wears a receiver (R2) attached to their hearing instrument. The Amigo T31 is a body-worn transmitter for use in educational settings. The teacher wears the transmitter and their voice is carried into the microphone and sent to the student’s receiver.  This transmitter has built-in Team Teaching. Team Teaching supports natural classroom interaction when there is more than one teacher in the classroom as it sends the voice of both teachers directly to the child’s FM receivers. This set comes with 2 Amigo R2 Receivers. The Amigo R2 is a standard multi-channel receiver that can be used with most BTE hearing aids and cochlear implants from any manufacturer via its universal 3-pin Euro connector. This set also includes the Amigo T10 Transmitter hand-held microphone. This pass around mic is for a variety of listening situations, to allow the student to hear not only the teachers voice coming from the T31, but also from anyone using the T10 mic, such as a co-teacher or their peers.


This Product Includes: 

  • Oticon Amigo T31 Transmitter – Red Skin 
  • T31 Wall Charger 
  • AUX Cable 
  • Monitoring Earphones 
  • Lapel Mic 
  • Instruction Manual 
  • User Guide for Teachers 
  • Quick Fitting Guide for Audiologists 
  • (2) R2 Receivers with Carrying Case 
  • R2 Instruction Sheet 
  • Oticon Amigo T5 transmitter – Red Skin 
  • Zipper Case 
  • T5 Wall Charger 
  • Boom Mic 


*Note: Please check the online compatibility guide to be sure your student's hearing instrument is compatible with this equipment before checkout: 

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E-O-L Personal FM System Ear-Level with Team Teaching Set

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