• E-O-L Infrared/Sound/Touch (IST) Switch

With our Infrared/Sound/Touch (IST) Switch, users can operate a variety of communication devices and software with virtually any kind of body motion – even the blink of an eye. Using sensors, the IST Switch provides positive, consistent action with all body movements and features a convenient sensitivity adjustment that lets you set the switch for the body site to be used.
• Eye movement
• Eye blink
• Chin movement
• Finger movement
• Toe movement
• Head movement
• Eyebrow movement
• Arm movement
• Shoulder movement
• Foot movement
• Slight vocalization or breath

This product includes:

  • IST Switch
  • Power Cord
  • Words+ IST VHS
  • 1 9 Volt Battery
  • Ground Shield Wire
  • IST Infrared
  • IST Touch
  • IST Sound
  • Adapter cord
  • Instructions for Ground Shield wire
  • Instructions for IST Switch

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E-O-L Infrared/Sound/Touch (IST) Switch

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