• E-O-L 2021 VoicePal Levels

The VoicePal Levels is a four-level, customizable, natural-voice communication aid that provides voice output options with real objects or direct selection. For real object customization attach taction pad(s) onto real objects (i.e. cup).  For direct access place a symbol or picture overlay into the built-in pouch (2, 3, 5 or 10 messages). Total record time is 17.5 minutes. *This product is bundled with taction pads and sixpack switch for your convenience. 


This Product Includes: 

  • Voicepal Levels Device 
  • Instruction Manual 
  • Template Guides 
  • 4 AA Batteries 
  • Two String Taction Pads 
  • Four Small Taction Pads 
  • Four Large Taction Pads  
  • SixPack Switch 

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E-O-L 2021 VoicePal Levels