• The Octopus Watch

The Octopus Watch by Joy provides students with a tool that allows them to understand the concept of time, build good habits and helpful routines by using a schedule/assistant. This watch uses icons, notifies parents when a task is finished, and parents set up alerts. It provides students with the tools to prioritize tasks and understand routines or schedules. It is easy to set up and has over 700 icons. The Octopus watch syncs to a mobile phone to create and customize the tasks. This tool is designed to empower students to take control, build confidence and develop Independence.


This kit includes:

1 Octopus Watch

1 USB/Pogo charging cable


**You must download the Free app (iOS & Android)



Weight (watch+bracelet): 0.75 oz (21 grams)

Band fits wrists with a circumference ranging from 4 1/3 to 6 1/3 inches (11 to 16 cm)


 This version of the Octopus Watch is not:

It's not a step tracker.

It's not waterproof (it's water resistant).

It doesn't emit sounds.

The screen is not a touchscreen.

It's not a GPS tracker nor a phone.  

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The Octopus Watch

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