• E-O-L MimioPad Wireless Pen Tablet

The MimioPad Wireless Tablet to your MimioTeach system. The MimioPad tablet (powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery) works with a slim pen stylus and the MimioStudio software. You can access the most common operations of MimioStudio software from custom-tailored shortcut keys on the tablet. Up to 50 MimioPad tablets can connect to one computer. Students can participate without leaving their seats.

The MimioPad Wireless Tablet is a part of the Mimio Classroom full bundle suite (MimioTeach, MimioVote, MimioCapture, MimioView, and MimioPad). If you wish to have full access to the suite, each item must be ordered separately.

This Product Includes:

  • MimioPad Tablet
  • Stylus
  • USB Mini-B Cable (0.9 m/3 ft)
  • USB RF Wireless Receiver
  • Pen Tip Extractor Tool
  • 2 Replaceable Pen Tips
  • 1 AAA Battery
  • Optional Stylus Pen Tether
  • MimioStudio Software 

This Product Does Not Include:

  • MimioTeach, MimioVote, MimioCapture, or MimioView
  • Laptop 
  • LCD Projector
  • MimioPad Tablet will not be shipped without MimioTeach, LCD Projector, and Laptop.
  • PLEASE add MimioTeach, LCD Projector, and Laptop to your order


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E-O-L MimioPad Wireless Pen Tablet

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