• E-O-L Equals Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry

Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry is a multi-sensory math curriculum which incorporates general education math methodologies with three levels of instructional strategies. 

The program incorporates leveled instruction to allow access for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities. Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry is an extension of the Equals Mathematics program for students that are ready to learn more advanced math skills.

This product includes:

  • Place Pocket Value Chart
  • Block Set
  • Sweep Tray
  • Ang-Legs
  • AbleNet Calculator
  • Fraction Stax
  • Large Number Stamps
  • All-Turn-It Spinner
  • Little Step-by-Step
  • Protractor
  • Circle Protractor
  • Student Integer MathLine
  • Ruler
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Circle Counters

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E-O-L Equals Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry