• Equals Pre-K Math

Equals PreK is a research-based math curriculum developed for your youngest math learners. Appropriate for any pre-school setting, Equals PreK provides research-based instructional methodologies and materials for teaching foundational skills of counting, subitizing, cardinality, 1:1 correspondence, color and shape identification, math vocabulary, matching and sorting by attributes, joining and separating to construct sets, basic patterns, building shapes and designs with 2-D shapes, comparisons of amounts and length (same, more, less), one more and one less, and beginning quantitative and positional concepts.

In addition, it is the only program today that incorporates strategies to meaningfully address the unique learning needs of pre-school children with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities, students at-risk, and typical learners. Given the variety of manipulatives and pic-symbol supported vocabulary, worksheets, and problems, Equals is an appropriate choice for students with autism, and for English Language Learners (ELL)


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Equals Pre-K Math