• Find Out and Write About: Animals of Cold Lands (MAC/WIN)

Find Out and Write About Animals of Cold Lands is designed to enable children of all ages to discover a range of animals from the Arctic and the Antarctic, and to write about them. The program includes 10 animals that live in the arctic and Antarctica, and the "Find Out" information is presented in three levels of difficulty (Book One/Level One, Book Two/Level Two, Book Three/Level Three). All levels use clear, recorded speech, and the text is highlighted as it is read. Each level also includes a talking glossary.

This Product Includes:

  • Animals of Cold Lands CD


  • Requires Clicker 6 or higher for Windows or Mac

This Product Does Not Include:

  • Laptop or Clicker 7
  • Software will not be shipped without a laptop or Clicker 7
  • If ordering more than one software title for one laptop please indicate that in the notes section of your order
  • PLEASE add a laptop and Clicker 7 to your order 

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Find Out and Write About: Animals of Cold Lands (MAC/WIN)

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