EquatIO allows you to speak, type or handwrite a mathematical expression directly on your keyboard or touch screen. 


EquatIO turns your thoughts into on-screen formulas. When you type ‘sq’, it knows that you mean ‘square root’. When you dictate a formula aloud, EquatIO ignores ‘umms’, ‘errs’ and other unwanted non-math words.


·      Create math expressions, including equations and formulas

·      Compatible with Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets & Drawings

·      Input via keyboard, handwriting recognition (via touchscreen or touchpad) and voice dictation

·      Guesses what you’re typing or writing - like predictive text on your smartphone

·      Hear your math expressions read out loud

·      Compatible with LaTeX input for advanced users

·      Create interactive digital math quizzes

·      Input student responses directly into digital quizzes

·      Chemistry formula prediction

*This is a digital code for EquatIO so it can be used on a personal computer. You are not required to check out a computer, however, if you need one, please be sure to check it out on the order. 

Here is a short video overview of Equatio.

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