• Bluebee Pals Pro - Hudson the Puppy

Hudson the Puppy is a Bluetooth-enabled talking plush learning tool for children (Pre K-3). Bluebee Pals' patented technology allows Bluebee's mouth and head to move while reading stories, teaching through educational games, learning a language, and singing songs. Includes a voice-activated command switch: On/Off, Connect Devices, and Remind to Charge.

This Product Includes:

  • Hudson the Puppy 
  • 4-hour Rechargeable Battery with USB Micro-Charger Cable


  • Connects to Bluetooth Enabled Devices 

This Product Does Not Include:

  • Bluetooth Enabled Device (such as iPad, Tablet, or Laptop)
  • Bluetooth Enabled Device must be ordered separately if needed (you may also use your Bluetooth enabled device)


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Bluebee Pals Pro - Hudson the Puppy

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