Code Jumper works by physically joining together Command pods to create a code sequence.

Usually, a program is made up of written commands, but each of the Code Jumper command pods functions like one of those written commands.


The Code Jumper curriculum has been designed for teachers with little experience in computer science or coding, allowing you to gain the skills to teach your students coding quickly. Each lesson has step-by-step instructions for all activities. 

Code Jumper has the opportunity to teach coding in a multi-modal way using songs, poems, stories, and more.

All Code Jumper resources can be found at

This product includes: 

·       Carrying case with:

·       Code Jumper Hub

·       8 Play Pods

·       3 Pause Pods

·       2 Loop Pods

·       1 Merge Pod

·       1 Selection Pod

·       1 Extension Cable

·       3 Large Gray plugs

·       12 Purple Plugs

·       Quick Start Sheet (in both print and braille)

·       Guidebook

·       Instruction Manual 

*Required but Not Included: Windows 10 OS on a computer or tablet

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Code Jumper

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