The Adjustable iPad Pro Cradle gives you the ability to mount your iPad to a variety of AbleNet mounting systems without having to remove your protective case from the iPad.

Maximum Device Allowance Dimensions:

  • 12.6-in L x 11.59-in H x ..7-in D
  • 32.00-cm L x 29.2-cm H x 1.78-cm D

The Friction Knob Universal Mounting System is designed for fast, easy, and secure placement of any switch. The Friction Knob Universal Mounting System features a Super Clamp. The Super Clamp can be mounted to a table, chair, bed, or just about any other surface.

The Friction Knob can extend up to 20.5-in/52-cm. Maximum weight of mounted products is 5-lbs/2.3-kgs. 

This Product Includes:

  • Adjustable iPad Pro 12.9 Cradle
  • Friction Knob UMS with Super Clamp
  • Universal Mounting Plate Set
  • Instructions

Universal Mounting Plate Set Includes:

  • Threaded Circular Plate
  • Ring Adapter
  • Large Triangle Adapter
  • Large Rectangle Adapter
  • Locking Knob
  • Velcro Circle
  • Velcro Rectangle
  • Mounting Hardware Green Dot Bag (includes 3 screws and 3 wing nuts)
  • Mounting Hardware Blue Dot Bag (includes 5 screws and 3 nuts)
  • Mounting Hardware Yellow Dot Bag (includes 3 screws, 3 locking pins, and 3 nuts)

This Product Does Not Include:

  • iPad Pro (iPad Pro must be ordered separately)


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Adjustable iPad Pro Mounting Cradle/FrictionKnob Universal Mount

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