PODD, created by speech pathologist Gayle Porter, is a way of organizing whole word and symbol vocabulary to provide immersion and modeling as well as a means to express a range of messages in a variety of environments. 

Features of PODD with Compass include:

·      Multiple communication pageset options are designed to provide a starting place based on age, interest, ability level, and prior experience with communication apps.

·      For literate users, a collection of rate enhancement methods are provided, including SwiftKey word prediction, phrase prediction, character prediction, slots and fillers, and rapid retrieval of previously spoken messages.

·      Multiple access methods are supported, including: direct touch, switch scanning, and keyboard.

·      Symbol-based communication support utilizes PCS™ symbols.

·      Digital photos and images can be added to personalize communication through the use of the built-in camera on your iPad.

·      Compass supports male and female TTS voices from IVONA.

·      Once Compass is installed on your iPad, no active internet connection is required for day-to-day communication use.


This Product Does Not Include:

·       iPad or iPad Case

·       App will not be shipped without an iPad or iPad Case

·       If ordering more than one app for one iPad please indicate that in the notes section of your order

·       PLEASE add an iPad and iPad Case to your order

·       Does not include WordPower

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PODD with Compass for iPad