• TD Snap

With TD Snap, the user can start communicating immediately - with tools and supports, like Core Words, Quick Phrases, and Topics, that allow a communicator to initiate and guide the interaction.


TD Snap Page Sets include:


•Core First: A symbol-supported page set enabling a path to literacy at any stage of language development

•Text: A page set for those who are literate or transitioning from symbol supports to literacy

•Scanning: A page set for those who use scanning as their primary access method

•Aphasia: A page set to help adults with aphasia communicate while also supporting language recovery


TD Snap Tools:


•Google Assistant: An integrated tool enabling symbol-supported access to Google Assistant

•Editing tool: An intuitive editing tool to help customize buttons to meet a communicator’s unique needs

•Search tool: A search bar to locate words and symbols with an easy-to-follow path to find them

•Behavior supports: A set of behavioral supports like visual schedules, timers, and scripts

•QuickFires: A set of commonly used pre-programmed phrases to make communication smoother

•MyTobiiDynavox: A cloud-based resource for backing up, sharing, and managing your apps

This Product Requires:

  • An iPad 3 or later must be ordered

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TD Snap