• Open Sesame App with Tablet

Open Sesame was created to offer touch-free control for those who cannot use their hands to access a smartphone or a tablet. Users are mostly paralyzed below the neck, and many come from various disability backgrounds: spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, neurodegenerative diseases, Cerebral Palsy, and others. Both Voice-Control and Computer-Vision technologies power open Sesame. Uses can control their smartphone or tablet with head movements, and no additional hardware is required. Open Sesame tracks subtle head movements to operate any app.

This Product Includes:

  • Samsung Tab S2 9.7" Bundle with Open Sesame App
  • Bamboo Uni-Link Holder XL
  • Bamboo Uni-Arm
  • Bamboo Uni-Clamp

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Open Sesame App with Tablet