The mobile arm support evaluation kit includes everything you need to assess student movement when the weight of the arm is supported. This includes an independent stand to attach the equipment to as well as rubber bands to adjust the amount of support against gravity. This evaluation kit must be checked out with an Occupational Therapist to support. It supports the weight of the entire arm, allowing for movement with little effort. This enables the student to move the hand to the functional location, such as tabletop or computer. Once functional ability can be established, long term options include wheelchair mounting or tabletop mounting for class or cafeteria settings. Access the Setup Instructions here. For more information, visit our YouTube channel.


This product includes:

·      JAECO/Rancho Mount

·      Table Clamp

·      Multilink Arm (2: 1 Standard & 1 Elevating)

·      Forearm Support with Slide (5)

·      Proximal Rod (2)

·      Relocator Shaft

·      Offset Swivel

·      Mount Relocator with 3 Base Mounts

·      Manual

·      QuickStart Sheet

·      Screwdriver

·      T-Handles (3)

·      Rubber bands (28: 8 yellow, 8 red, 12 blue)

·      Evaluation Stand

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Multi-Link Mobile Arm Support Evaluation Kit