About Us

The AT & UDL Loan Library is a part of the Technology & Learning Connections (TLC) Team of the Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project at the University of South Florida. Statewide technology support services for accessible instructional materials, accommodations, assistive and instructional technologies, Universal Design for Learning, and virtual learning/assessment have been integrated into the PS/RtI Project to provide district and school based problem-solving teams with guidance on the implementation of a highly effective, universal, differentiated core curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards. The PS/RtI Project is a part of Florida’s MTSS Projects.

·     For information on the Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project please visit - http://floridarti.usf.edu/

·     For information on Florida’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Projects please visit - http://www.florida-rti.org/ 

·     For more information on the Technology & Learning Connections Team please visit - http://www.tlc-mtss.com

The TLC Team includes the following people:

Janet Good, TLC Unit Coordinator, [email protected]


State AT&UDL Technology Coordinators

·     Janet Good, AT & UDL Loan Library Distribution Center Coordinator, Port Orange, [email protected]

·     Tara Jeffs, Assistive Technology Support Services Coordinator, [email protected]

·     Danalyn Workentin, Assistive Technology Support Services Coordinator, [email protected]

·     Essa Kennedy, Assistive Technology Support Services Coordinator, [email protected]

Regional Training Support Specialists  

·     Gregory Ennen, Training Support Specialist, [email protected]

·     Jason Rhodes, Training Support Specialist, [email protected]

·     Lauren Proulx, Training Support Specialist, [email protected]


Regional Local Assistive Technology Specialists

·     Anthony Cooley, Regional LATS - [email protected]

·     Mimi Floyd , Regional LATS - [email protected]

·     Gayle Yeager, Regional LATS - [email protected]

·     Melissa Martin, Regional LATS - [email protected]

·     Teresa Pinder, Regional LATS - [email protected]


"Technology & Learning Connections – MTSS : Increasing student achievement through the systemic alignment of technology, policies, and curriculum."