Accent™ 1400 + is a speech-generating device (SGD) that offers user-friendly features to make communicating fast and easy for individuals with speech impairments on a 14-inch screen. 

The Accent 1400 comes pre-loaded with Unity® with LAMP/Words for Life™, CoreScanner™, and Timocco (Eye Tracking Games). The Accent 1400 is powered by both PRC’s Empower and NuVoice software giving the client the choice of systems that offers built-in support resources for clinicians and clients. This device weighs 5.9lbs.  


NuPoint® is an access solution for users who have limited or no use of their hands. Using optical sensors, NuPoint tracks a small reflective dot on the user’s forehead, glasses, or other convenient spot converting the movement of the user’s head to control the pointer on the screen. Key activations are made by dwelling over the desired key. Additional movement settings, like vertical and horizontal controls, help customize control of the pointer to optimize the user’s accuracy and ease of use.


This Product Includes: 

  • Accent 1400 
  • Look Eye Gaze Bar 
  • NuPoint Head Tracking
  • Reflective Dots for Head Tracking
  • NuPoint User Guide
  • Accent 1400 Getting Started Guide w/ Empower 
  • Look Eye Tracking System User's Guide w/ Empower 
  • Accent 1400 Getting Started Guide w/ NuVoice 
  • Look Eye Tracking System User's Guide w/ NuVoice 
  • Unity Quick Reference Guide - Empower 
  • Unity Quick Reference Guide - NuVoice 
  • Essence Vocabulary Manual 
  • CoreScanner Quick Reference Guide 
  • WordPower & Picture WordPower Guide
  • 3 LAMP Words for Life Quick Reference Guides (English, Spanish & Bilingual) 
  • 2 UNIDAD Reference Guides (English & Spanish) 
  • Timocco-on-Accent Guide 
  • What's on the USB Flash Drive Guide 
  • Software Helpful Information Card 
  • Power Supply Adapter & Cord 
  • Stylus 
  • USB Cable 
  • 16GB Flash Drive includes All Manuals and Quick Reference Guides 


  **NOTE: This device is recommended to be used with a mount. Please add a mount to your cart. Please indicate what mount plate is needed in the comments section if you already have a mount. 

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Accent 1400 + with Look and NuPoint Head Tracking

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