The Tellus i6 is an AAC device controlled entirely with your eyes. Control of the device can also be accessed by using its 14” touch screen, a keyboard, mouse, or switch. 


Tells i6 comes pre-loaded with Mind Express 5 software, Alpha Core, Gateway, PODD, and SCORE page sets. As well as Steps before Step Scanning software.  This device weighs 5.5 lbs. 


This product includes: 

·       Tellus i6

·       Charger

·       Keyboard

·       Integrated ConnectIt and Daessy Mounting Plate

·       Tellus i6 Manual - PDF on device

·       Mind Express Manual - PDF on device


 **NOTE: This device is recommended to be used with a mount. Please add a mount to your cart. Please indicate what mount plate is needed in the comments section if you already have a mount.

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Tellus i6