The WinSlate is a speech-generating device with a full-featured Windows Tablet. Users can switch between using the device for speech generation and personal computing.  The WinSlate includes the full support of both Modern UI apps and traditional Windows programs. 


 This Product Includes: 

·      Winslate + Enable Eyes

·      Mind Express Software

·      SoundPOD™ Wearable Speaker w/ Lanyard 

·      Wireless Keyboard + Travel Case 

·      Wireless Mouse 

·      FlexABLE® Handle and Stand 

·      WinSlate™ and SoundPOD™ Charger 

·      Soft Carry Case with Padded Neck Strap 

·      Quick Start Guide

·      Batteries

·      CoreWord 6 & 20 CVI Pagesets

·      Infrared Toy Control Pageset (toys not included)

·      WinSlate for Kids Activities

·      Spanish Pagesets


  **NOTE: This device is recommended to be used with a mount. Please add a mount to your cart. Please indicate what mount plate is needed in the comments section if you already have a mount. 


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WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes

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