• TrackerPro 2

The TrackerPro 2 is a hands-free mouse that translates your movements into direct movements of the computer’s mouse cursor. The TrackerPro 2 is plug-and-play and uses the standard mouse drivers that are already installed in your device (MAC, Windows, iPad OS 13, and Google Chrome). A reflective dot is placed on the user and the TrackerPro tracks its movement. This device is switch accessible but does not include any switches. Please add 1 or 2 switches to your order if you require them.

This Product includes:

  • TrackerPro w/ attached cable (USB Type-A connector)
  • Table Top Mounting bracket
  • 2-M USB Type-A Extension Cable
  • Dual Lock and Monitor Mounting Bracket
  • Two 3.5 mm / ⅛-in TS Switch Jacks
  • Reflective Dots
  • Quick Start Guide

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TrackerPro 2