• J-Pad iPad/iPhone/iPod Access Device

The J-Pad is a joystick interface that provides convenient switch access to iOS Switch Control. No need to memorize what each switch does! For example, if the user needs to scan upwards, simply move the stick upwards; or if the user needs to select, simply touch the green switch, and to close an app, touch the red switch. The red and green buttons are completely touch sensitive. As an alternative, external switches may be plugged in via the J-Pad's two 3.5mm sockets, which would disable the touch sensitive switches. J-Pad fully supports Siri access. 

It should be noted that J-Pad is not for everybody. Users can navigate more quickly and with less frustration when they have the motor skills to be able to operate a joystick, and the cognitive skills to be able to use iOS Switch Control. 

This Product Includes:

  • J-Pad Unit
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instructions


  • Works with iPads, iPhones, and iPods

This Product Does Not Include:

  • iPad or iPod (must be ordered separately)


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J-Pad iPad/iPhone/iPod Access Device