• Co:Writer Universal

Co:Writer Universal uses grammar-smart and vocabulary-smart word prediction, translation support, and speech recognition. Co:Writer Universal is designed to work across all platforms (including desktop, iOS, and Chrome). All writings completed in Co:Writer for iOS will now be available in the Chrome App. Your settings and preferences will even be shared no matter where you are writing.

Co:Writer data gives teachers a level of fidelity of implementation that was never available before. Quickly see how much students are writing and their vocabulary usage while protecting student privacy.

This product includes:

  • Co:Writer Universal Software


  • Works with Google Chrome Extension, iPad App, Microsoft Edge Extension, iPad Keyboard, and Online

This product does not include:

  • Laptop
  • Software will not be shipped without a laptop
  • If ordering more than one software title for one laptop please indicate that in the notes section of your order
  • PLEASE add a laptop to your order when ordering software

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Co:Writer Universal