• E-O-L Personal FM System Ear-Level Set

The Personal FM Ear-Level Set is recommended for students who have no hearing loss but could benefit from Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) or for students who have a mild hearing loss and do not have any personal amplification and could benefit from the use of a personal FM system in the educational environment. The teacher wears a transmitter (T30) with a microphone and the student wears a receiver (Star). The Amigo T30 is a body-worn transmitter for use in educational settings. This transmitter sends the voice of the teacher directly to the child’s FM receiver, the Amigo Star, which is an ear-level receiver that looks like a hearing aid. 

This Product Includes: 

  • Oticon Amigo T30 transmitter in white case
  • Wall charger 
  • AUX cable 
  • Monitoring earphones 
  • Lapel Mic 
  • Oticon Amigo Star receiver - red 
  • Carrying case 
  • Zipper Case 
  • Batteries 
  • Corda tubing / Dome starter kit 
  • Amigo T-31 Instructions 
  • Amigo Star FM Receiver Instructions 
  • Amigo Star Let's Get Started
  • Amigo T-31 Quick Fitting Guide for Audiologist 
  • Amigo T-31 User Guide for Teachers 


*Note: Not for use with personal amplification. 


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E-O-L Personal FM System Ear-Level Set

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