• Grid for iPad

Grid for iPad is a communication app that gives a voice to individuals without speech. Includes instant access to resources for symbol and text communication, and it is available in 15 languages. Grid for iPad has resources and content for learners of all ages and abilities.

This product includes:

  • Grid for iPad


  • Compatible with any iPad running iOS 11 and above
  • AAC Grid Sets Compatible With Grid for iPad - Symbol Talker A-D, Super Core and Super Core Learning (English Only), Vocab for Life, Beeline, Text Talker, and Simple Keyboard

This product does not include:

  • iPad or iPad Case
  • The app will not be shipped without an iPad and iPad Case
  • If ordering more than one app for one iPad, please indicate that in the notes section of your order
  • PLEASE add an iPad and iPad Case to your order

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Grid for iPad