• E-O-L GoTalk Express 32

The GoTalk Express is a fully functional scanning device. It also has these features: 5 recording levels, a level, and record lock, surround-message LEDs for visual prompts, an option to add a 1½ second auditory cue to any message, and the ability to seamlessly play multiple messages in sequence. 

Choose between two methods of operation: Standard and Express. The Standard method works like any GoTalk — touch a message key and it talks. With the Express method, users can link messages together to play in sequence.  


This Product Includes: 

  • GoTalk Express 32 
  • Carry Strap 
  • 3 Templates with 2 Plastic Protectors 
  • Users Guide 
  • Power Adapter 
  • 3 AA Batteries 
  • Screw-in Supports for Angled Access 
  • Smoothie Red Switch 
  • Smoothie Yellow Switch 

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E-O-L GoTalk Express 32