The Accent 800 + is an integrated dynamic display communication device with a small 8" LCD touchscreen. This device offers PRC's Empower or NuVoice software giving the client the choice of systems that provide built-in support for clinicians and clients. It is preloaded with Word Power, Unity Language System, LAMP Vocabulary Sets, CoreScanner, PCS Symbols, and Clarity Symbol set.

NuPoint® is an access solution for users with limited or no use of their hands. NuPoint tracks a small reflective dot on the user's forehead, glasses, or another convenient spot, converting the movement of the user's head to control the pointer on the screen. Key activations are made by dwelling over the desired key.


This Product Includes:

  • Accent 800+
  • NuPoint Head Tracker
  • Reflective Dots for Head Tracking
  • NuPoint User Guide
  • Accent 800 Getting Started Guide - Empower
  • Accent 800 Getting Started Guide - NuVoice
  • Unity Quick Reference Guide - Empower
  • Unity Quick Reference Guide - NuVoice
  • Essence Vocabulary Manual
  • CoreScanner Quick Reference Guide
  • 3 LAMP Words for Life Quick Reference Guides (English, Spanish & Bilingual)
  • 2 UNIDAD Reference Guides (English & Spanish)
  • What's on the USB Flash Drive Guide
  • Software Helpful Information Card
  • Power Supply Adapter & Cord
  • Stylus
  • 16 GB Flash Drive

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Accent 800 + with NuPoint Head Tracking

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