• Medley

The Medley communication device features direct selection, sequencing, randomizing and external switch use. Touch the Medley’s built-in keypad or connect up to 8 external switches with standard plugs to record and play back natural-voice messages (11 seconds per message). Sequencing and Randomizing features are accessed by plugging your switch into the corresponding jack. The HandiBoard assist with organizing cords when using the taction pads on objects. It provides the user with direct access to beginning communication.

*This product has been bundled with Taction pads and a HandiBoard for your convenience. 

This product includes:

  • Medley
  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Information Sheet
  • Sequencing Ideas
  • Taction Pad Adapter
  • HandiBoard
  • 3 Small Taction Pads
  • 3 Large Taction Pads
  • 2 Taction Strings

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