• ProxPad Touchless Communication Core

Proxpad Touchless Communication with Tangible Core Cards. Pair objects that are easy to recognize and discriminate with words/pictures. Objects are securely fastened to durable 5"x7" plastic cards. The cards come as a Core set of 20 cards.


This Product Includes:

  •  20 Cards with CORE Vocabulary Objects
  •  20 Removable Cards with CORE Vocabulary Symbols
  • Proxpad Touchless Communication Device
  • 4 AAA Batteries 
  •  20 Core words Include bathroom, bed, brush teeth, clean, comb, computer, cook, dress, drink, eat, game, listen, money, outside, play, read, shop, TV, wash, and work. 
  • Programming Tags
  • User Manual

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ProxPad Touchless Communication Core