The EyeMobile Mini consists of the PCEye Mini eye tracker, Communicator 5 software, Snap + Core First, PODD for Snap + Core First, Gaze Interaction Software with Windows Control, EyeMobile Mini bracket with a mounting plate on a Windows Surface Pro 4 tablet. This device weighs 2.59 lbs.  


Communicator 5 and Snap + Core First are alternative and augmentative communication software platforms. They convert text and symbols into clear speech, give the user computer access, and even allow the user to control devices and appliances in his/her surroundings. 

The Gaze Interaction Software with Windows Control allows for completely hands-free access to Windows Surface Pro 4 Tablet PC.  Gaze Selection typically for an advanced user, allows for control of the tablet with the two-step process of Gaze Selection, a zoom feature to point, click and drag, and SwiftKey built-in keyboard with word prediction. 


This Product Includes: 

  • PCEye Mini Eye Tracker 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet PC 
  • EyeMobile Mini Bracket with Integrated Table Stand & Mounting Plate 
  • Positioning and Calibration Quick Guide 
  • Communicator 5 Quick Reference Guide 
  • Communicator 5 Training Manual 
  • Snap + Core First User Manual 

**NOTE: This device is recommended to be used with a mount. Please add a mount to your cart. Please indicate what mount plate is needed in the comments section if you already have a mount. 

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EyeMobile Mini