• ProxPad Touchless Communication

The ProxPAD pairs well with Adaptivation's Tangible Object Cards (TOC). To play your recorded messages, you can Touch or pass the tags over the ProxPAD™ to play your recorded messages. Tangible Object Cards pair objects that are easy to recognize with pictures. Objects are securely fastened to a durable 5" x 7" plastic card and include the corresponding removable sound card.  


This Product Includes: 

·      20 Core words including bathroom, bed, brush teeth, clean, comb, computer, cook, dress, drink, eat, game, listen, money, outside, play, read, shop, TV, wash, and work.  

·      6 supplemental sets (five cards in each set). The sets are School 1, School2, Community, Leisure, Wellness & Fast Food. 

·      ProxPad 

·      10 programming tags 

·      10 blank recordable RFID Tags 

·      4 AAA Batteries 




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ProxPad Touchless Communication