The Switch Skills Assessment Kit is available for check out for student evaluation purposes only. It accompanies the Switch Skills Progression series that has been offered by Dr. Danalyn Workentin. It includes a set of switch related items and a step-by-step assessment plan for determining a student's ability to utilize switches to access their environment. It includes goals that go from not touching the switch to 2-step switch access for AAC and educational use and everything in between.

This switch skills assessment kit is designed for our experienced AT Specialists looking to identify what switch-related skills a student can perform. Starting with:

·      Level 1: Cause & Effect

·      Level 2: Sequential

·      Level 3: Attention and Timing

·      Level 4: Targeting and Timing

·      Level 5: Introducing Choice

·      Level 6: Making Choices


This kit includes all the items needed to perform a complete assessment of beginner switch skills. This kit also includes the Guiding Steps and Goals Ideas guides from our Virtual Learning & You Series: Switch Skills Progression with detailed step-by-step of how to carry out the assessment. Click here for a list of items (new tab). To sign up for the Switch Skills Progression series, click here.

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Switch Skills Assessment Kit

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