WorldPenScan Go is a portable pen that reads text aloud with a human-like digital voice. Listen to individual words or scan multiple lines of text and listen all at once (this use does not need wifi to read English text aloud). Use the built-in speaker or connect to your Bluetooth headset to listen, it’s up to you. Allows 3-4 hours of usage per recharge with a standby battery life of up to 130 hours. Use for note taking as the pen will transcribe audio into text to be downloaded later. This may impact testing scenarios.

For our multi-lingual students, the WorldScanPenGo supports translation of single words or lines of text into 55 different languages. Additionally, it supports interpretation of live conversation into text and speech for 112 languages. In order to use the translation/ interpretation features, the device must be connected to the wifi. The wifi access must be open or accessible by putting in only a password (will not work on wifi that requires an acceptance page or hidden networks). 

This product includes: 

  • WorldScanGo Pen
  • User Guide
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Carrying bag

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WorldPenScan Go